August 14, 2006

DUTCH DOUBLE: Doing Dam City

On the Glorious Twelfth, Juris and Simon landed in Amsterdam for a quick weekend visit.

Saturday was almost rained out, but Sunday was a much better day. You see here some views to capture the Canal experience (and the rain on Saturday).

On Sunday the Sun returned and treated us to some glorious views.

We were also treated to glorious views in the Rijks Museum where Rembrandt's finest were on display, including of course the Night Watch.

Even more moving for me were the late Van Gogh works in the Van Gogh musuem. I was very moved by these extraordinary works, seeming to me to have been painted almost in a frenzy - as though his coming death was almost apparent to the artist.

At night the glorious views of Amsterdam are altogether different. This shop sign shows that 'Magic Mushrooms' may be purchased here. There are also countless "Coffee Shops" where Cannabis is dispensed for on or off premises use, and you can sit in the window with one of those cooled pipes to enjoy it.

And of course there is the Red Light District where consumption quite definitely ON the premises is available and the "smokin" depends on your own prowess. I tried NEITHER of these premises myself !

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