September 15, 2009


I love Bells, any sort of Bells.

In many of the sites on our tour of the Golden Ring we found bell towers where a single person could ring up to 36bells via series of ropes, chains, pedals..

There are a few photos below which give a flavour of this.

The final photo is a short video showing a demonstration rig of bells and the technique used to ring them.

Zvonnitsa belltower, A 16th-17th century tower at the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery

Ringing Bells Spaso-Evfimievsky Convent. One man can ring 36 bells with ropes and pedals

Bell Tower of the Rostov Citadel. The bells of the Rostov Ouspenie Cathedral number 15, were all cast in the 1680s, and the largest (Sysoy) weighs 32tonnes

Zvonnitsa belltower
From Russia [a PICASA album by RedSimon]

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