December 29, 2010


Happy Christmas

It snowed in Annecy today, nasty wet stuff, but it is still snow on Christmas Eve.

We took a walking tour of the Vieux Annecy, very interesting in daylight, of course I had already seen it in darkness last night.

I captured this little Santa and thought it might amuse you. The other rather chilly shot includes the famous old Annecy Jail (just beyond the bridge) which has is shaped like a ship, and the prow (towards the camera) is actually the prison chapel. No comment is made on the final shot which is a POrk Butcher's way of celebrating Christmas.

Overheard at breakfast: "I had an upset stomach all night long and my toilet didn't work - it's a right mess." I heard this 4 times in ten minutes. Then next I overheard people talking about their pills and potion: "I have to take 8 tablets a day." "Oh that's nothing, I have to take 14." I gave up listening when someone claimed 26 was their dosage, and I suggested everyone should put their tablets on the table and swap them.

Tomorrow is cancelled. The Police won't allow coaches up to the 2 ski resorts we planned to visit because of the snow, so they've got to find a substitute.

Tonight, Christmas Eve is the main Feast, which is a secret, although someone has leaked that a Deer has been killed and is hanging in readiness.

Happy Christmas

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