September 03, 2006


The meaning of this title should steadily become clear, but it involves a Sunny September Sunday visit to Bedale in North Yorkshire.

The house you can see is called "Thorp Perrow" and has a fine garden and Arboretum within its extensive grounds. Very pleasant to walk around and to explore, and we enjoyed the Gazebo (below)
However, the "Bird" used in my title refers to a Bird of Prey and you will see below a partial answer. This is a 1938 Riley Kestrel which we saw at Thorp Perrow. This Kestrel was one of about 200 Classic Cars which Juris and I went to see - these will appear on my online photo albums soon (see below)

Ah now it becomes clear, or Cleo !!

This 'bird' is indeed a lady; named "Cleo" she is an Eagle Owl from the Afghanistan region and I got to hold her for a few miunutes. Juris also got to hold her later.

The whole visit, the gardens, house, trees, birds and cars made a very pleasant Sunday outing.

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