June 17, 2007


I visited Latvia and Estonia at the end of May 2007.

Everywhere I went there were Lilac trees growing wild and in full bloom. The flowers were mainly a kind of paleish purpley colour (Lilac, maybe ?!?!?), but a few were in white.

The fragrance from all these blooming Lilacs was lovely.


Here is a small traditional dwelling on the island of Muhu off the coast of Estonia with Lilacs growing around.

This is the Muhu Museum where a hamlet of traditional Muhu dwellings is preserved as a Museum. (see Museum Website)

Pirita is the ruins of a Nuns Convent to the east of Tallinn on the sea coast, and here you see Lilacs embracing the historic site. (see Pirita Website)

You see above a contrast between the LIBERTY of free growing Lilacs and the shabby stern soviet-built tower blocks that represent an altogether different existence.

A 500year old tower, part of the old city wall, in the Old Town of Tallinn on the street called Viru, very close to where we stayed. (see Tallinn Website)

I have a growing collection of Baltic Albums on my Picasa site:

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