April 24, 2006


Juris command of English is really very good.
But sometimes he gets things a little wrong.

I was trying to get him to remember that I was English and that all the Cyrillic notices in Russia were meaningless to me.

So I said to him "Juris, I cannot read any of these signs, please bear this in mind"

He must have misunderstood, because when I turned around this is what I saw !!!

Bad Joke.
Of course I do not condone such exploitation of young animals - and I have misgivings about what becomes of the Bear when it has outgrown its cute stage.
The Bear and handler were loitering at a well known photography point where newly wedded couples turn up with Champagne bottles for a quick photo in front of the Horseman statue.
Our 50rubbles (about 1GBP) was just one of many that the Bear "earned" in a few minutes.

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