April 24, 2006


Friday was grey and showery - not really a day for photography. We visited the KunstKammer (Arts Tower) where Peter the Great decided to collect a few things - such as thousands of examples of oriental culture from Eskimo aretefacts to tribal pieces from South America, Burma, the Indian sub-continent etc.

He also took a keen interest in the science of autopsy and collected many specimens of deformed foetuses such as cyclops babies, 2-headed foetus and other rather gruesome 'monsters'. These are pickled and on display in picling jars. A bit too queezy for me, but Juris is doing biology so he enjoyed it.

Afterwards we went to the Russia Museum which houses a fantastic exhibition of Russian Art from all periods (The Hermitage only holds non-Russian art). There was a temporary display of Icons of St Nicholas - quite fantastic.

The pictures are general views of SPB. The boat is the "Aurora", a shot fired on this ship started the 1917 Revolution and the first Communist state was established.

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